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  • Improve Student Outcomes

    Using formative assessment as a fundamental part of teaching practice can be an impactful way to improve student outcomes. Download Improve Student Outcomes, an e-book provided by our partner Certica, to read about formative assessment strategies, research proven processes and techniques and analysis to use in the classroom to accelerate student learning.

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  • We Are Naiku: Enlarged School District of Middletown

    The Enlarged City School District of Middletown is a public school district located in Middletown, NY that serves approximately 7,400 students. Download this case study to learn how the Enlarged City School District of Middletown chose Naiku to help them implement a district-wide benchmark assessment solution. Case Study – Middletown.

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  • Ensuring Assessment Integrity

    Valid student assessment data is a key component of teacher data-driven instruction, teacher collaboration in successful PLC teams, and school/district educational decision making. Student cheating can adversely affect the quality of assessment data and can be a concern anytime, and particularly in remote learning environments. This white paper offers tips and strategies to minimize student […]

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  • Naiku offers support to schools affected by Coronavirus

    Naiku, Inc. announced today that it is offering free school subscriptions of Naiku assessment software to schools affected by the Coronavirus. These subscriptions are valid through June 30, 2020. Naiku will also provide setup, training, and support services for the schools. Interested schools can request a demo here or simply contact us. Naiku is comprehensive, […]

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  • Increasing Teaching and Learning through Interim Benchmark Assessments

    Benchmark assessments occupy an important space between frequent formative assessment and end-of-year summative assessment in a balanced assessment process. In Maximizing Benchmark Assessments: Increasing Student Achievement and Success, Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong outlines the benefits of and keys to successful interim benchmark assessments and provides guidance on how to optimize student learning from benchmark assessments within […]

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  • We Are Naiku: Clear Lake Middle School

    Clear Lake Middle School serves Grades 6-8 students in Clear Lake, IA. The school of 300 students implements a 1:1 iPad program. Students love how easy it is to use the iPad in their everyday schoolwork. When it came to adopting an online assessment platform for his teachers, Principal Steve Kwikkel did not forget his […]

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  • Improving Teacher-Developed Assessments and Items

    While significant research supports the use of frequent formative classroom assessment to aid teaching and learning, teachers often lack appropriate training to adequately develop and evaluate the quality of their assessments and items. In this white paper, Dr. Nhouyvanisvong offers guidance on how to create test blueprints, write cognitively rigorous items, and improve the items based […]

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  • Moving Beyond Multiple Choice Items for Effective Classroom Assessment

    Educators know that multiple choice tests can be limiting, but knowing how, and when, to move beyond multiple choice for effective classroom assessment within time and other constraints can be challenging. In this free white paper, Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong offers guidance on how to effectively engage students and obtain a better understanding of student knowledge through […]

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  • Naiku adds Desmos calculators

    Desmos calculators are now integrated with Naiku digital assessment software for schools to use with their students. Available options include a four function calculator, scientific calculator, and a graphing calculator. These calculators, like other student tools available in Naiku, can be optionally provided to students on a per question basis as a student aid in […]

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  • Practice ACT tests available in Naiku

    A suite of released ACT tests are now available for educators to use in Naiku. All complete tests are segmented into individual timed section tests (Reading, Math, etc) for easy test administration. All question items are coded to ACT section and subsection; in combination with the automatic scoring and standards-aligned reporting in Naiku, teachers and […]

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Popular Posts

  • Data Driven Instruction with Naiku

    Premier educators such as Dr. Paul Bambrick-Santoyo (Driven By Data 2.0: A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction) and Dr. John Hattie (Visible Learning) promote the use of data in enhancing instruction and student learning. In this linked white paper, Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong discusses these techniques and showcases how to implement them using Naiku.

  • Achieving Visible Learning with Naiku

    Visible Learning is an excellent resource illustrating the effectiveness of student-centered learning which Naiku wholeheartedly supports. In Visible Learning and Visible Learning for Teachers, Dr. John Hattie (2009, 2012) synthesizes research studies involving hundreds of millions of students to show the effectiveness of different approaches to improve learning. Dr. Hattie found that student-centered learning strategies have the highest […]

  • Use ACT Quick Checks for Progress Monitoring

    Naiku provides over 50 ACT Quick Checks for teachers to use for student progress monitoring in all ACT test subjects. ACT Quick Checks are short, topic-focused, formative assessments; typically 6-12 questions in length. Each Quick Check contains questions from a single topic, such as Math-Functions, so teachers can use to easily monitor progress between benchmark […]