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With Naiku you can quickly assess student knowledge at any time.  Choose from over 300 professionally developed, standards-aligned assessments in ELA and Math, ranging from short-cycle quick quizzes to interim benchmark and summative end-of-year tests. Alternatively, import existing assessments or create and share your own using the 60,000+ item bank and item generator.
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    Valid, Standards-based Assessments Over 300 professionally developed, standards-aligned assessments for reading and math from Inspect.

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    Assessment Creation Create your own assessments using the included item bank, item banks you own, or school/district created banks.

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    Large Item Bank Over 60,000 ready-to-use question items in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies with a wide variety of item types, including technology-enhanced.

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    Complete Item Generator Generate your own questions using a wide variety of item types to assess student proficiency in any subject and grade. Validity statistics provide you confidence for questions that you have generated.

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    Share Assessments Teachers can easily share assessments that they create or import with other teachers from their team, school, district, or Naiku world if they wish. Once shared, teachers can use the test as is, or customize it to meet the needs of their students if they want.

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    Share Items Every time you create and share a test, you can automatically share the individual question items as well. Your school or district can quickly develop an item bank that is aligned to your standards and your curriculum.

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    Import Do you have a common item bank or assessment bank in use by your department? Easily use your item banks purchased through textbook adoptions for quick development of common assessments.

Key Features

  • Complete test generator to develop custom questions aligned to your standards
  • Import existing tests in ExamView, Moodle, TestGen, and other formats
  • Use existing tests in Word or PDF format with QuickKey
  • Inspect item bank - over 60,000 standards aligned question items of a wide variety of item types, including technology enhanced items
  • Inspect assessment bank - over 300 professionally developed and standards aligned tests in ELA and Math for K-12
  • Create, import, and share School and District wide item banks

"Our teachers have to make adjustments to their instruction based on data. Naiku has made that process easy and efficient for our teachers."
Patrick Heath, Instructional Technology Coach, West Gate Elementary School
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