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  • Practice SAT and PSAT tests available in Naiku

    A suite of released SAT and PSAT tests are now available for educators to use in Naiku. In addition to giving students practice with the timed SAT and PSAT tests, the inclusion in Naiku allows educators to easily score and view performance by SAT/PSAT section, subsection, and cross-section for students, classes, schools, and the district. […]

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  • We are Naiku: Thomas County Schools

    Thomas County Schools serves over 5,800 students across six schools in southern Georgia. As part of a strategic plan to invest in technology for their students and teachers, the district chose Naiku to create, administer, and score their district assessments. Download this case study to learn how Thomas County Schools used Naiku and the SAMR […]

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  • We Are Naiku: Putnam County Schools

    Putnam County School System serves over 11,000 students across 18 schools in northern Tennessee. To measure and improve student achievement, the district develops and administers district-wide benchmark assessments in ELA and Mathematics across grades 2 – 8. For the past two years, the district has used Naiku to deliver and score their district benchmark assessments. Their teachers have now started to use Naiku for everyday classroom assessment. This case study provides a look at their successful path to better assessments and better achievement.

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  • We Are Naiku: Marion County Public Schools

    Marion County Public Schools serves over 3,300 students across eight schools in central Kentucky. To meet their high standards, the district created Professional Learning Communities and needed an online testing format to to provide quick results and insights their PLCs. Download this case study to learn how Marion County Public Schools chose Naiku to help […]

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  • Naiku announces enhanced support for Standards-Based Grading

    Naiku announces enhanced support for standards-based grading in the latest release of the Naiku assessment software platform. The new features enable the instructional methods for standards-based grading outlined by Dr. Robert Marzano and complement the existing capability to measure, track, and view student proficiency by standard in Naiku.

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  • Infinite Campus Partners with Naiku to Provide Integrated Assessment

    Infinite Campus recently announced a partnership with Naiku to provide integrated assessment with their Student Information System to schools.  Through the partnership Infinite Campus and their channel partners will offer Naiku’s comprehensive assessment software to their school clients.  The products are integrated to automate setup and streamline workflow, including syncing of class rosters, single signon from […]

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  • Naiku integrates with Google Classroom

    Naiku announced today integration with Google Classroom, providing teachers and schools the ability to sync their classroom rosters and accounts, provide single sign-on for teachers and students, and streamline workflow with the Classroom Share button.  Please see complete announcement here: Naiku Integrates with Google Classroom PR

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  • Naiku selected again as Top Product by District Administration

    Naiku was selected as a 2016 Readers’ Choice Top Product by District Administration, marking the 3rd straight year Naiku has been selected for this award. The award is selected on the basis of nominations from school district administrators across the country; please view the complete press release here.

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  • Naiku and Infinite Campus Announce Partnership

    Naiku and Infinite Campus announced today a partnership for integrating Naiku assessment software with the Infinite Campus SIS. The companies have achieved interoperability using the IMS LTI standard, demonstrating tasks such as single-signon from Infinite Campus to Naiku and transfer of assessment scores from Naiku to the Infinite Campus gradebook. See this Press Release for […]

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  • I am Naiku: Sara Ames

    Sara Ames, Grade 7 Science Teacher at Mahone Middle School in Kenosha, WI, uses Naiku for summative and formative assessments. See how Naiku has impacted her teacher and her students’ learning.

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Popular Posts

  • Data Driven Instruction with Naiku

    Premier educators such as Dr. Paul Bambrick-Santoyo (Driven By Data 2.0: A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction) and Dr. John Hattie (Visible Learning) promote the use of data in enhancing instruction and student learning. In this linked white paper, Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong discusses these techniques and showcases how to implement them using Naiku.

  • Achieving Visible Learning with Naiku

    Visible Learning is an excellent resource illustrating the effectiveness of student-centered learning which Naiku wholeheartedly supports. In Visible Learning and Visible Learning for Teachers, Dr. John Hattie (2009, 2012) synthesizes research studies involving hundreds of millions of students to show the effectiveness of different approaches to improve learning. Dr. Hattie found that student-centered learning strategies have the highest […]

  • Use ACT Quick Checks for Progress Monitoring

    Naiku provides over 50 ACT Quick Checks for teachers to use for student progress monitoring in all ACT test subjects. ACT Quick Checks are short, topic-focused, formative assessments; typically 6-12 questions in length. Each Quick Check contains questions from a single topic, such as Math-Functions, so teachers can use to easily monitor progress between benchmark […]