I am Naiku: Sara Ames

Sara AmesName: Sara Ames

Position: Science  Teacher

School: Mahone Middle School

City: Kenosha, WI

How Naiku Impacts Her Teaching: Naiku has made it so much easier and more efficient for me to collaborate with my grade level content team as well as share assessments with other 8th grade science teachers in our district.

How She Uses Naiku: This year, we have used Naiku to administer a couple of common district summative assessments for sections of the environmental science unit. We have also utilized Naiku for pre-tests and post-tests for essential vocabulary. Furthermore, my students have completed self-paced formative assessments on Naiku.

What Her Students Like About Naiku: Many of my students have commented on how much they like knowing how they did right away. As a result of Naiku, both my students and I have a much clearer picture of their strengths and areas that are not yet mastered.

How Naiku Impacts Her PLC: As a PLC we are not to the point of analyzing the data collectively after each assessment and then refining our teaching based on that data, but that process is the next step for us and Naiku will be an essential component of those conversations.

To learn more about how Ames and her colleagues at Kenosha Unified School District use Naiku to assess their students, download this Naiku Case Study.

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