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I am Naiku: Lindsay Thompson

“I am Naiku” profile of digital learning specialist Lindsay Thompson from Thomas County Central High School. Read More

I am Naiku: Sara Ames

Sara Ames, Grade 7 Science Teacher at Mahone Middle School in Kenosha, WI, uses Naiku for summative and formative assessments. See how Naiku has impacted her teacher and her students’ learning. Read More

I am Naiku: Daniel Roethe

Daniel Roethe, Instructional Technology Teacher (ITT) at Mahone Middle School at Kenosha Unified School District started teaching in 2002. He has taught Social Studies and English Language Arts. Roethe has been an ITT for the past three years. In his current role, he introduces new technologies to teachers and supports their use of the new technology to improve teacher instruction and student learning. Roethe has been instrumental in the use of Naiku for common formative and summative assessments at Mahone Middle School. Read More

We Are Naiku: KUSD

Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) is a large district serving over 22,000 students in Kenosha and the surrounding areas. The 3rd largest district in Wisconsin, KUSD has a mission to provide excellent, challenging learning opportunities and experiences that prepare each student for success. With a vision to be Wisconsin’s top performing urban school district, the district and building leadership team have fostered and nurtured vibrant Professional Learning Communities (PLC) across the district. Read More

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