I am Naiku: Lindsay Thompson

Name: Lindsay Thompson

Position: Digital Learning Specialist

School: Thomas County Central High School

City: Thomasville, GA

Years of Naiku Use in Our District: Our district has used Naiku for 3 years.

How Naiku Impacts Our Teachers: Teachers can create and administer online assessments, both formative and summative, to monitor their students’ learning. We have Naiku synced with our Student Information System (Infinite Campus) and the grades import directly into the teachers’ gradebooks.  This is such a timesaver and teachers love it!

How I Support Our Teachers in Their Use of Naiku: When we first rolled out Naiku, I led the implementation and training for the teachers. I support the teachers as questions and issues arise with Naiku in their classrooms.

Instructional Challenges Our District Faces Due to Covid-19: Our teachers are delivering instruction both online and in person. Some teachers have completely remote classes, some have a hybrid of in person and remote students, and some have completely in person classes. This is a challenge to teachers as they learn to teach in a new way.

Covid-19 Impact on Classroom Assessments: Our district has not changed how we administer classroom assessments. Benchmarks and other common summative assessments are assigned in Naiku for our students. Students both on and off campus can access the assessment.

District’s Naiku Plans for Assessments during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Naiku is a tool teachers use to assess student learning. Because Naiku is online, students can access it from home and school. Teachers get immediate feedback on their students’ learning. We are very thankful that our district has been using technology and Naiku, so there was no learning curve. Our students and teachers never missed a beat.

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