I am Naiku: Daniel Roethe

roetheName: Daniel Roethe

Position: Instructional Technology Teacher

District: Kenosha Unified School District

City: Kenosha, WI

Daniel Roethe, Instructional Technology Teacher (ITT) at Mahone Middle School at Kenosha Unified School District started teaching in 2002. He has taught Social Studies and English Language Arts. Roethe has been an ITT for the past three years.  In his current role, he introduces new technologies to teachers and supports their use of the new technology to improve teacher instruction and student learning.  Roethe has been instrumental in the use of Naiku for common formative and summative assessments at Mahone Middle School. “Our teachers love the Teams feature and the combined item analysis. They love the immediate results. Now they focus on what to do with the results rather than the scoring of the exams,” said Roethe.

To learn more about how Roethe and his fellow ITTs at KUSD use Naiku to improve classroom assessment for student learning, download this Naiku Case Study.

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