Assessment and Item Writing Seminar for Classroom Teachers

This seminar, co-sponsored by Clear Lake Community School District, is appropriate for K-12 teachers who want to create quality assessments and items in order to get meaningful and actionable results from their classroom assessment practice. The agenda includes a brief introduction to assessment theory and best practices, item writing guidelines, activities to identify and create “good” and “bad” items, and the opportunity to interact with teachers from a range of grades and subject areas. The seminar is intended to benefit all teachers desiring to improve their assessment and item writing; … Read More

Coach’s Corner: Creating Strong Teacher Teams

Writer and business manager Patrick Lencioni notes that “great teams do not hold back with one another. They are unafraid to air their dirty laundry. They admit their mistakes, their weaknesses, and their concerns without fear of reprisal.” Teaching can often feel like an individual sport. As leaders in our classroom, we need the support of the other teachers around us both emotionally and professionally. Teams of teachers who are able to share their work  and get feedback grow and teach better. There is no surprise to that and no … Read More

Quick Question Quick Tip #2

Engaging Students Without a Projector Did you know that you can easily share Quick Question class results with all of your students without the need for a projector?  Whether working with a small group in class or all your students outside of class, simply press the Send Results button and the class results will be instantly sent to every student device, in addition to your screen. (Sample Teacher and Student screenshots shown below)  Note that students can’t identify individual answers – only the teacher can do that.  So, the next … Read More

Metacognition: The effect of self-assessment/self-grading on student performance

Self assessment and metacognition effect on accelerating student learning. Read More

Naiku Quick Question helps teachers Bridge the Gap

Classroom response systems help a good teacher be a better teacher. There’s nothing magical about it; it’s a lot like the traditional way of eliciting responses from students, only better. If a teacher has ever said, ‘can I see a show of hands’ or ‘let’s take a vote’ or  ‘how many of you think …,’ then they’ll be able to use Naiku’s Quick Question and get even more students engaged in the discussion. The beauty of a web based classroom response system like Quick Question is that it enables teachers … Read More

Student Reflection and Confidence

Discover how confident students are about their understanding and let them engage by reflecting on their incorrect answers.
Read More

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