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Name: Jacqueline Leiker Where I Teach: Norway High School, Norway, MI How Long I’ve Taught: I have taught for twenty-two years. Within those years I have taught numerous courses including mathematics, computer technology, computer programming and business. I currently teach technology and digital citizenship to students who range from seniors at Norway High School all the way down to Early Kindergarten at Norway Elementary School. I also teach graduate courses and PD to teachers. Why I Feel Integrating Naiku is a Step Toward Revolutionizing Education: The addition of Naiku in … Read More

Taking Tests on Bubble Sheets and Scanning with Naiku

Most students take tests on Naiku using their computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. However, if your students do not have access to a computer or device on test day (perhaps they forgot it at home; we all know how students can sometimes be forgetful), you can print out the test and a bubble sheet for them to take the test.   Printing Bubble Sheets   To print the bubble sheets for the student, open the test and click on Actions, and choose “Print Bubble Sheet”. The bubble sheet will contain … Read More

Assigning a Test to Multiple Classes

When I conduct Naiku PD and demonstrations, I’m often asked, “Can I assign a test to multiple classes at once?” The answer to that question had always been “No, you have to assign a test to each class separately.” The reasoning behind that was that we wanted to keep each test separated by class so that you could get your test results by class.   I’m now happy to report that you can assign a test to multiple classes at once. After many requests from many of you, we’re finally able … Read More

Standards-Based Scoring and Reporting

If you’re a Naiku user, you already know that you can do standards-based scoring with Naiku. When you align your test questions to national, state, or local standards (or learning targets), you know that your students’ results are scored by those standards. For each student, you can track and monitor their proficiency status by standard. Students are automatically grouped into one of three proficiency levels (Not Proficient, Approaching Proficient, and Proficient) based on cutscores that you set. Below is a Class Performance report where you can see your students’ scores by standard.   But did you … Read More

Don’t Forget the Students

Teachers and readers of this blog are well aware of the power of formative assessment. As Black and Wiliam have summarized, formative assessment is one of the most effective instructional strategies ever. Popham (2009) provides this clear and concise definition of formative assessment: “Formative assessment is not a test. Rather, it is an ongoing process in which teachers use test-elicited evidence to adjust their instruction or students use it to adjust their learning tactics.” I like this definition of formative assessment because it reminds us that for formative assessment to … Read More

Scanning Enhancements

Naiku announces several exciting enhancements to its scanning feature. Read More

Purpose and Uses of Benchmark Now!

As you are aware, we released a series of interim or benchmark assessments called  Benchmark Now!™ These assessments are designed to help teachers identify students’ math knowledge and skills as measured by the Common Core State Standards. The purpose of benchmark assessments is to provide information on group of students and identify where students are with respect to achievement of the Common Core State Standards to date.   Benchmark Now! assessments are well suited to be given at the beginning of the school year. It is important to take this … Read More

Sign In Page

You may have noticed the new layout of the Sign-in page.   Teachers and students with accounts in Naiku can continue to simply log in with their usernames (aka login) and passwords. Do so on the left-side of the page. See image below. The Access Code login method (on the right side of the page)  is for students whose teachers have given them an access code for a test. Teachers who have signed up for a free Benchmark Now! account, you should still sign in on the lef-iside of the page with … Read More

Importing Examview Tests into Naiku

As an alternative to creating an assessment in Naiku, you can import an existing assessment. If you’ve already built your test in Examview, you can import that test into Naiku. Export to Blackboard Format First, export your test out of Examview into a Blackboard file format. Go to File, select Export, and choose Blackboard 7.1-9.0… Choose a filename for the test you are exporting. This will be exported as a .zip file.  Below, I’ve given the filename “Quiz 1” and have chosen to save it to my Desktop. On the next screen, … Read More

The Importance of Student Reflection

Student Reflection When I do professional development for teachers and administrators on how to incorporate Naiku into their formative assessment practice, the part that gets them most excited is when I talk about student reflection. defines reflection as “a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation.” Here, I define reflection as a process by which students engage in metacogntive thinking about what they have done, what they are doing, and what they will do in the future. This type of thinking helps students … Read More

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