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Naiku For Teachers

Ditch your clickers and bubble sheet forms and step into the future with our cloud-based assessment.

• Create, share, import, or use existing tests
• Immediate feedback with automatic scoring and standards-aligned reports
• Student confidence, justification/journaling, and reflection
• Instant student response with Quick Question

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Naiku For Schools and Districts

With shared assessments, items and reports, Naiku powers common assessment efforts and provides rich data for teacher teams and measuring student achievement.

• Measure and track student achievement in any subject / grade
• Create curriculum and standards aligned School/District Item Bank
• Common assessment and administrative review for district-wide collaboration

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Accelerate Learning with Formative Assessment

Unlike bubble sheets, Naiku provides instant standards-based insight. Students use any web enabled device. Catch misconceptions during class before they become problems.

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Collaborate with Common Assessment

Naiku enables teachers to easily share items and assessments for increased productivity as well as performance data for informed PLCs / teacher teams.

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Engage Students with Better Assessment

Leverage powerful, research-based tools such as self-assessment, reflection and confidence with teacher-student feedback tools to engage and motivate students.

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Benchmark Performance with Interim Assessment

Quickly benchmark and track student knowledge to CCSS or local standards at any time, in any subject or grade, to generate the data you need to show student progress.

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