Collaborate with Common Assessments


Don’t live on an island – with Naiku, teacher collaboration is fundamental. Naiku makes it easy to work in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and plan, create, share and discuss assessments and outcomes in a secure, professional environment.

PLC Teams Easily form Teams to collaborate on assessments, share data, and improve instruction. Share and Review Common Data Generate common assessment reports to view and compare performance across classes.
Track Student Growth Teachers can track and compare student progress in longitudinal reports. Administrative Accounts Principals and administrative staff can view student, team, school, and/or district results through their own accounts.
Share Items Every time you create and share a test, you automatically contribute the items to your district’s item bank. Your school or district can quickly develop an item bank that is aligned to your standards and your curriculum. Share Assessments Teachers can share assessments with a school or across the district, or across the Naiku world if they wish.
Import Your Existing Test Bank Do you have a common item bank or assessment bank in use by your department? You can import these for use in Naiku. Curriculum Maps Use included or create and share Curriculum Maps to view and plan for standards based learning with your PLC.

Key Features and Reports for Collaboration

Naiku Teams

Teachers can create teams to share assessments and results with their PLCs.

Naiku Team – Results

When common assessment results are shared with the team, all team members can see how how the students in each class performed overall and by standard. This allows PLC members to quickly compare and identify standards where their students may need further instruction.

Common Assessment Report

This report allows teachers to see how their students performed on a common assessment compared to students in other teachers’ classes, in the school, and across the district.

Naiku Curriculum Map

The curriculum map can be created and shared to help teachers view and plan for standards based learning.

Naiku Curriculum Map – Assessment Selected

When a assessment is selected on the curriculum map, teachers can quickly see which standards are assessed on that assessment.