Collaborate with Common Assessment

Don’t live on an island – with Naiku, teacher collaboration is fundamental. Naiku makes it easy to work in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and plan, create, share and discuss assessments and outcomes in a secure, professional environment.
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    PLC Teams Easily form PLC teams to collaborate on assessments, data, and instruction.

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    Review Common Data Easily generate common assessment reports across classes to view class performance by standard. Add quantitative data to inform your PLC meetings.

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    Track Student Growth Teachers can share and compare student progress in longitudinal reports.

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    Administrative Accounts Principals and administrative staff can view student, team, school, and/or district results through their own accounts.

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    Share Items Every time you create and share a test, you can automatically share the individual question items as well. Your school or district can quickly develop an item bank that is aligned to your standards and your curriculum.

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    Share Assessments Teachers can easily share assessments that they create or import with other teachers from their team, school, district, or Naiku world if they wish.

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    Import Do you have a common item bank or assessment bank in use by your department? Easily use your item banks purchased through textbook adoptions for quick development of common assessments.

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    Curriculum Maps Use included or create and share Curriculum Maps to view and plan for standards based learning with your PLC.

Key Features

  • Create, import, and share School and District wide item banks
  • Share and deliver common assessments with School and District wide assessment banks
  • Create and share Curriculum Maps with your colleagues to view and manage assessments and instructional resources for learning targets
  • Create Teacher Teams to share activities and aggregated results with your colleagues
  • Review and compare common assessment results by standards with your Teacher Teams
  • Immediate scoring and standards aligned reporting
  • Track progress with student and class longitudinal reports
  • Measure Student Learning Outcomes
  • Quickly identify remediation groups

"We not only want to talk about student achievement and what to do next, we want to make sound instructional decisions based on data. That's why Naiku fits really well with what we are trying to achieve with our PLCs."
Mike Brewer, Principal, Broken Arrow Elementary School
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