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Naiku adds Desmos calculators

Desmos calculators are now integrated with Naiku digital assessment software for schools to use with their students. Available options include a four function calculator, scientific calculator, and a graphing calculator. These calculators, like other student tools available in Naiku, can be optionally provided to students on a per question basis as a student aid in test-taking. Desmos calculators are also used in many state assessments, so students can use the same tool on tests in Naiku as they do on their state test.

Naiku announces enhanced support for Standards-Based Grading

Naiku announces enhanced support for standards-based grading in the latest release of the Naiku assessment software platform. The new features enable the instructional methods for standards-based grading outlined by Dr. Robert Marzano and complement the existing capability to measure, track, and view student proficiency by standard in Naiku.

New UI for Confidence, Tell-Me-More, and Calculator

Your students will see something new today when they take an assessment on Naiku. After teacher feedback, we have updated the User Interface (UI) for the Tell Me More, Confidence, and Calculator features. These will still be on the right side of the screen, but will now be drop down menus and pop-out displays. Hovering over the Confidence icon will produce a drop down menu for students to rate their confidence just as they did before. The More and Calc icons, when clicked, will produce pop-out items for Tell Me More … Read More

Ordered Item Columns

Today, we’re also pleased to announce that we have extended the functionality to the Ordered Item type in Naiku. See our previous announcement on Ordered items. Now, you can add multiple columns to this item type. This allows you to ask students to drag and drop options into multiple columns. For example, you can now ask students to group animals and plants or to sort numbers by multiple of 5 and 7. Here’s a screenshot of how to create an ordered item with two columns. Note that for each column, you have … Read More

Embedded Video

Today, we are happy to announce that Naiku has now added the ability for teachers to embed videos into their assessment items. Embedding a video is simply taking a video from a third party website and displaying it for students to watch right in a Naiku assessment. This is a great feature because it allows students to stay focused on their test screen rather than having navigate to another website to watch the video. To embed a video into a question, first, open your web browser and navigate to the … Read More

Standards-Based Scoring and Reporting

If you’re a Naiku user, you already know that you can do standards-based scoring with Naiku. When you align your test questions to national, state, or local standards (or learning targets), you know that your students’ results are scored by those standards. For each student, you can track and monitor their proficiency status by standard. Students are automatically grouped into one of three proficiency levels (Not Proficient, Approaching Proficient, and Proficient) based on cutscores that you set. Below is a Class Performance report where you can see your students’ scores by standard.   But did you … Read More

Importing Tests from .txt Format

Did you know that you can import tests created or saved as text (.txt) files into Naiku?   If you’re a user of QUIA, you can export those tests as a text file. Then you can import those into Naiku. Alternatively, you can create the test directly in a text editor and import that into Naiku. Just follow the simple instructions on this support page. You’ll see a sample file to help you get started.   Let us know how this new import format works for you.  

Reading Tests: Passages and Questions

It’s now easier than ever to create and deliver reading tests in Naiku to your students. Now, you can create reading passages and items and have them display side-by-side.   Follow these easy steps to create your next reading test.   1. Create Assessment Click on the Assessments tab at the top. Then under Create, select New Assessment. 2. Create Passage  Under New Item, select Passage and subitems. This will bring up the page to create your passage. Simply copy the text from you source file and paste it into … Read More

Naiku New Feature: Matching Item Type

New Feature to Matching Items Allows Teachers to have more Responses than Premises   Matching items allow teachers to efficiently discover whether students know a large amount of content. When creating matching items, it is best to have more responses (the list on the right) than premises (the list on the left). When the number of responses and premises are identical, students may be able to correctly guess their way to the remaining responses, thus reducing the validity of teacher’s inference about what a student knows.   To create more responses than … Read More

Naiku New Feature: Student Longitudinal Report by Standard

New Student Longitudinal Report Allows Teachers to Monitor Student Progress by Standard   In this new report, teachers can monitor student progress by standard by week. Teachers have the option to filter the report by specific dates. Or they can choose pre-defined date ranges (i.e., Last Week, Last Month, Last 2 Months, Last 3 Months, or Last 4 Months). Teachers can also filter the report by standards. Lastly, teachers can set the cut-scores to define proficiency (i.e., mastery of that standards). When students have reached proficiency on a standard it … Read More

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