Naiku announces BenchmarkNow!

Naiku announced today the release of BenchmarkNow!. BenchmarkNow! contains professionally developed and ready-to-use benchmark assessments in ELA and Math covering grades 3 – high school. Test questions include a variety of item types, including technology-enhanced, and are aligned to Common Core State Standards. With autoscoring and immediate, standards aligned reporting, teachers and administrative staff can quickly view student readiness for state tests. BenchmarkNow! is designed to be very easy to adopt and use. No training or account setup is required, and schools purchase on a per student/test basis, paying for … Read More

Naiku announces 2016 Teacher Team School Grants

Naiku announced today the opening of the Spring 2016 Teacher Team School Grant program. The program is designed to support PLCs / Teacher Data Teams in the use of next generation assessment tools and instructional strategies. Schools interested in the use of common formative assessment, interim benchmark assessment, and learner-centric assessment to help inform and differentiate instruction and engage students for personalized learning are encouraged to apply at The complete press release can be viewed here: Naiku Teacher Team School Grants – Spring 2016 PR

Assessment and Item Writing Seminar for Classroom Teachers

This seminar, co-sponsored by Clear Lake Community School District, is appropriate for K-12 teachers who want to create quality assessments and items in order to get meaningful and actionable results from their classroom assessment practice. The agenda includes a brief introduction to assessment theory and best practices, item writing guidelines, activities to identify and create “good” and “bad” items, and the opportunity to interact with teachers from a range of grades and subject areas. The seminar is intended to benefit all teachers desiring to improve their assessment and item writing; … Read More

GradeCam Plugin Update

One of the great features of Naiku is the ability to transfer scores directly into your gradebook. If you’re currently using one of your Function keys to do this score transfer (via the GradeCam plugin), please update to the latest version of the GradeCam plugin ( You can find the latest version (released on November 2) here: Read More

New UI for Confidence, Tell-Me-More, and Calculator

Your students will see something new today when they take an assessment on Naiku. After teacher feedback, we have updated the User Interface (UI) for the Tell Me More, Confidence, and Calculator features. These will still be on the right side of the screen, but will now be drop down menus and pop-out displays. Hovering over the Confidence icon will produce a drop down menu for students to rate their confidence just as they did before. The More and Calc icons, when clicked, will produce pop-out items for Tell Me More … Read More

PowerSchool Certifies Naiku Assessment Software

PowerSchool, as part of their newly announced PowerSchool ISV Partner Badging System, has certified Naiku assessment software in all three areas of Single Sign On, Data Exchange, and User Experience for integration with PowerSchool. Naiku is one of just 15 software products, and the only assessment product, to have received certification badges. The complete press release can be read here: Naiku PowerSchool Certification PR

Naiku announces Fall 2015 Teacher Team School Grants

Naiku announced today the opening of applications for the Fall 2015 Teacher Team School Grant program. The program will award 30 schools with grants to support teacher teams in the use of next-generation, learner-centric assessment and will incorporate expert-led professional development and software resource tools. The complete press release can be read here: Naiku Teacher Team School Grants – Fall 2015.

Naiku announces integration of AAAS Project 2061 science bank

Naiku announced today the integration of the Project 2061 science bank. The bank, comprised of over 600 items developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), covers middle and early high school science subjects and is freely available to science educators using Naiku in partnership with the AAAS. In addition, Naiku has curated 36 summative and formative assessments from these items that are also freely available within Naiku. The complete press release can be read here: Naiku Project 2061 PR.

Moorhead Public Schools chooses Naiku for district assessment solution

Naiku announced today that Moorhead Area Public Schools (MN) chooses Naiku as their assessment solution for the district.  The district of 6,000 students valued Naiku’s direct connection to their SIS, PowerSchool, and that they could use existing teacher and district created assessments in a variety of formats, including Schoolnet, ExamView, Word, PDF, and more, as well as create and share their own.  Read the complete announcement here: Naiku Moorhead PR

Naiku announces enhanced integration with PowerSchool

Naiku announces increased integration with PowerSchool®, enhancing interoperability between  Naiku’s award-winning and learner-centric assessment software and PowerSchool, the SIS market share leader.  This increased interoperability enhances ease-of-use and security for PowerSchool educators with direct connection for bi-directional transmission of data between PowerSchool and Naiku.  The complete press release can be read here: Naiku PowerSchool PR.

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