Next Generation Classroom Assessment with the SAMR Model

The SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) Model has rightfully been receiving a lot of attention from school districts as they implement tablets and other edtech devices in the classroom.  The model suggests a progression for adoption of technology, and we’ve received requests from educators for recommendations on how they could apply the SAMR model as they introduce next generation assessment.  The following represents some basic steps for consideration; educators interested in trying these suggested examples in the classroom can use Naiku via a free trial by signing up here.



In this phase, educators can use next generation cloud based assessment software to substitute for existing assessment practices such as instant polling with clickers or general classroom assessment using bubble sheets and scanners.   Some examples of this substitution using Naiku:

In each of these cases, it is easy to substitute existing functionality. Operation is enhanced through speed (for example immediate autoscoring of student tests) and flexibility (instant polling with any web enabled device rather than separate standalone devices).



In this phase, educators can begin to go beyond basic substitution by augmenting existing practices for enhanced benefit.  Some examples of augmentation of classroom assessment practices using Naiku:



In this phase, educators can enhance their assessment practice by adding to or modifying their classroom assessment processes.  Some examples using Naiku:



In this phase, teachers have an opportunity to redefine their classroom assessment practice.  We suggest teachers implement student engagement and interactive feedback components to transform their assessments into learning opportunities.  Examples include:


We hope this is helpful as you consider implementing next generation assessment using the SAMR model.  Please let us know if you have additional suggestions!

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