I am Naiku: Barb Schellinger

In this week’s “I am Naiku” profile, Barb Schellinger from Forest Lake High School shares how she uses Naiku in her Family and Consumer Sciences classes.


My Name: Bar Schellinger


Why I teach: After working 20 years in the business world, I followed my dream of being a teacher.


What I teach: Family and Consumer Sciences


How long I’ve taught: 14 years


Challenges I Face When Giving Tests: Wishing everyone was in attendance the day before during the review.


How I Gave Tests Before Naiku: Predominately computer scan answer sheets with some essay.


How I Give Tests Now with Naiku: I use essay questions as a review strategy with the students (not via Naiku). All the multiple choice, matching, true/false test are now on Naiku.


How Often I Give Tests in Naiku: Weekly


My Students Take Their Tests On: While most of the students own a wireless device, I check out our school’s portable Netbook cart which consists of 16 Netbooks. Most students use their phones, some have their own laptops.


How Long I’ve Been Giving Tests Online:  I started last year. I teach 5 classes that utilizes tests on Naiku.


What I Like About Naiku: What’s not to like! I don’t have to correct/scan the answer sheets, I don’t have to make sure there are enough answer sheets, I can add or change questions easily without having to print new tests. Seeing student’s scores immediately allows the class and I to have instant conversations regarding content. Best of all, the scores are imported into our online grade book. No scores to enter!


What My Students Like About Naiku: Students see their results immediately and in comparison to the rest of the class. It is a good motivator for students to “change colors” (going from yellow to green indicating competency)


How Naiku Has Changed My Teaching: I now use the Quick Question for formative assessment. After getting results from the test in Naiku, I now know what students did well on and did poorly on. This allows me to immediately intervene and use Quick Question to follow-up and provided extra instruction and assessment before we move on to the next topic. Another way Naiku has changed my teaching is that it has freed up the administrative tasks of copying, correcting and entering grades so I can devote my energies to improving the curriculum or working with students.


Advice for Other Teachers: Try it! It is worth the effort to get the test entered or at least the answer key. Plus students think it is fun to take a test online.


If you would like to be included in our “I am Naiku” series and share with other teachers how and why you use Naiku, please send us your responses to these same questions and a picture. We love hearing from you. Thanks!


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