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Grading Projects and Presentations in Naiku

Naiku is great for typical assessments that in the past were given with pencil and paper, bypass grading, and obtain meaningful data to inform instruction. There are ways to also get all of the data Naiku provides instantly for your projects and presentations as well! Here is an example. While I was teaching middle school mathematics, my students completed a fractal project on posters towards the beginning of the year. It was their first grade that was assessing something outside of the box of the typical mathematics assignments and the … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Scoring Performance Assessments

Did you know that you can score performance assessments in Naiku?    Quick Tip: Students don’t actually have to take a test in Naiku to receive scores in Naiku. For example, if you’re teaching first-grade students to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s, you can give them a performance assessment (i.e., actually ask them to count for you) and then score their performance in Naiku. See the example below.   1. Create your test in Naiku. Here, I have a three-question test. All questions have been aligned to MN state math … Read More

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