The Naiku Professional Learning Series is designed to inform educators about research-based next generation assessment practices that help transform and accelerate student learning. Webinars are led by trained psychometricians, professors, and/or other educational experts in a graduate seminar format. Naiku sponsors these webinars in order to foster increased confidence in and adoption of next generation assessment practices for the benefit of raising achievement for all learners.

Using Data to Guide Instruction

Overview: Data-driven instruction has been shown in educational research to have a strong positive impact on student learning. Specifically, the use of formative assessment as an integral part of instruction has significant benefit on accelerating student achievement. Leading educational researchers such as Dr. Dylan Wiliam (Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards through Classroom Assessment) and Dr. John Hattie (Visible Learning and Visible Learning for Teachers) have illustrated the effect.

In this webinar Using Data to Guide Instruction, Dr. Shannon Wells will share information and guidance on the effective use of formative assessment as an integral part of instruction. She will present research and instructional strategies for teachers to use to effectively incorporate formative assessment into their classroom, including the concept of Focused Formative Assessment.

What: Using Data to Guide Instruction
When: Thursday, December 8th, 2:00p CST
Cost: Free

About the Presenter: Dr. Shannon Wells is the CEO and President of Key Data Systems, an educational research and consulting firm. Her work centers on formative assessment emphasizing new ways of assessing student learning and implementation of rigorous content standards. Along with her team, she works to make sure teachers, schools, and districts are armed with the resources they need to help students reach their academic goals and provides tools that allow educators to maximize student achievement.

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