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Importing Tests from .txt Format

Did you know that you can import tests created or saved as text (.txt) files into Naiku?   If you’re a user of QUIA, you can export those tests as a text file. Then you can import those into Naiku. Alternatively, you can create the test directly in a text editor and import that into Naiku. Just follow the simple instructions on this support page. You’ll see a sample file to help you get started.   Let us know how this new import format works for you.  

Quick Tip: Importing CSV Files

Quick Tip: Did you know that you can import tests created in .csv format?   Not only can you import exams from ExamView, Test Generator, and Blackboard format, you can also import a test that has been saved in CSV format. These are simple text files that can be created in most spreadsheet applications or text editors. Read this support page to learn more about importing tests in .csv format into Naiku.  

Importing Examview Tests into Naiku

As an alternative to creating an assessment in Naiku, you can import an existing assessment. If you’ve already built your test in Examview, you can import that test into Naiku. Export to Blackboard Format First, export your test out of Examview into a Blackboard file format. Go to File, select Export, and choose Blackboard 7.1-9.0… Choose a filename for the test you are exporting. This will be exported as a .zip file.  Below, I’ve given the filename “Quiz 1” and have chosen to save it to my Desktop. On the next screen, … Read More

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