Naiku For Teachers

Naiku means “Teacher”, and we designed Naiku to be the leading classroom assessment solution for teachers. In any subject, in any grade, our teacher-friendly and student-centric comprehensive assessment solution allows teachers to engage students with better assessment for informed and differentiated instruction and personalized learning.

Automated Scoring and Gradebook Transfer

Regain valuable instructional time with Naiku’s immediate and automated scoring of a wide variety of item types and built-in reports. Transfer scores to any gradebook with a click of a button.

Monitor Student Proficiency by Standard

Measure and monitor your students’ performance by national, state, and/or local standards and learning objectives in any grade and subject. Using Naiku you can quickly identify proficiency, track progress, and identify where students need help.

Adaptive Learning Resources

Automatically send learning resources of your choice adaptively to students. Provide remediation resources for those needing additional help, additional practice for those approaching proficiency, or enrichment resources for those already proficient.

Curriculum Maps

Easily view your standards and plan your assessments and learning resources with Curriculum Maps.

Use any Existing Test

You can use existing tests in Naiku – whether in test formats such as Examview, Testgen, Moodle, and Blackboard, or in generic formats such as a DOC or PDF file. Either way, teachers benefit from immediate automatic scoring and standards aligned reporting.

Create Tests

Create your own questions and tests with a variety of item types and aligned to your learning targets with Naiku’s full featured test generator. Drop in images, special characters, mathematical symbols, URL links and more to assess student knowledge.

Share with Colleagues

Naiku makes it easy to collaborate with other teachers. Search and share questions and tests, Curriculum Maps, and learning resources with teachers in your school, district, or the world.

Engage Students

Engage your students beyond just answering a question with better assessment techniques such as confidence-based assessment, journaling / justification, goal-setting, and student reflection.

Instantly Poll Students

Check for understanding anytime with Quick Question, our instant response capability. Ask questions or pose Exit Tags impromptu with immediate response.

Enhance Your Current Process

Naiku works with your existing processes, so you can get started quickly. Use your existing tests that you already have in PDF or Word format and get the benefit of automated scoring, reporting, and direct score transport to the gradebook.


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