Naiku For Districts/Schools

Though built for teachers, Naiku is equally valuable for teacher teams as well as administrators across a school or district.

Our comprehensive next generation assessment solution integrates with your school’s student information system, is ideal for school or district wide common assessment, and provides school and district level reporting.

A school or district license to Naiku includes all the features and benefits of Naiku for Teachers, plus the following:

Student Information System Integration

Naiku integrates and syncs with your student information system on a nightly basis for automatic setup and maintenance of student and staff accounts and class rosters.

Create and Deliver Common Assessments

Teachers or district staff can easily create, import, and share common assessments within Naiku that are aligned to district curriculum and standards for any teacher to deliver.

View Common Assessment Reports

Teachers can share results of common assessments readily in Naiku with fellow teachers to facilitate PLC discussions.

Create Teacher Teams

Teachers can share questions, assessments, results, and more within teacher teams.

Import Item Banks

Have existing item banks that come with your curriculum? Naiku will import the item banks for all your teachers to use.

Create School/District Item Banks

Every time teachers create a question in Naiku, they can automatically share it with other teachers if they wish. With this, schools and districts can quickly create an item bank of questions aligned to their curriculum and standards for all staff to use.

Benchmark Assessments

Naiku has built-in professionally developed benchmark assessments for mathematics and reading aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Use these assessments to benchmark your students at anytime for data driven decisions.

School and District Reports

With a school or district Naiku license, administrators have access to school and district level reports to gain insight into the performance of all their students.

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