I am Naiku: Brian Johnson

This week, we start our “I am Naiku” series where we feature teachers across the country who are using Naiku everyday in their classrooms. This week, we focus on Brian Johnson, from Hampton, Iowa.


Why I teach: I enjoy working with students and there are not many professions where you can make a positive impact in the lives of students.

What I teach: U.S. History, Economics, and Government

Where I teach: Hampton-Dumont High School in Hampton, Iowa

How long I’ve taught: 11th year overall, 9th at Hampton-Dumont High School

How I use Naiku in my teaching: I just started using Naiku for semester tests before Christmas break. After working out the kinks on my part, I now use it for all my tests. In addition, I am going to start using Naiku for pop quizzes to check for understanding on material we learned on the previous day. This will let me know whether I can move on or if I need to reteach the material. I am confident that I will use Naiku even more in the future as it is a good teaching/learning tool.

Why I use Naiku: I like it not only to save time in correcting tests, but I can use it to gauge what concepts the students struggled on and what they excelled in. It is almost impossible to figure this out with paper tests. Naiku does an excellent job when it comes to instant data collection.

What I like about Naiku: I can use my time more efficiently in giving assessments online and spend more time gauging strengths and weaknesses of the students when it comes to the content. Naiku also saves the school a lot of paper. In the past, copying tests could be a time-consuming endeavor especially if other teachers are making copies as well.

What my students like about Naiku: Instant feedback as they can see right away what they did well on and what they need to improve upon.


If you would like to be included in our “I am Naiku” series and share with other teachers how and why yo use Naiku, please send us your responses to these same questions and a picture. We love hearing from you. Thanks!


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