Naiku COVID-19 Response

We understand that this is a dynamic time for educators, with many schools implementing remote learning either full-time or in a hybrid model in response to COVID-19, with these models changing as conditions allow. We recognize that this can be a challenging time and we are committed to supporting you.

For educators currently using Naiku, our cloud-based assessment software can of course be used at home by staff and students to continue to measure, track, and view student proficiency to learning standards. We welcome you to download the Naiku Practical Guide for Use at Home, a collection of tips for home use. This period may also offer opportunities for professional development webinars; please contact us to schedule those with you and continue to contact Naiku Support for any help you need.

For educators that do not presently have Naiku, we welcome the opportunity to show the benefits of Naiku, whether students are in the classroom or learning remotely. Please request a demo to see how Naiku might help you and/or your school, or simply contact us to learn more.