Quick Tip: Naiku Options

I am often asked to explain all of the various features/options that are available in Naiku. Rather than list and explain of these these options, I opted to do a quick tip video for your viewing pleasure. Let me know what you think of this video and if you’d like to see more quick tip videos. If you have any questions, check out our support page at support.naiku.net or email us at support@naiku.net   [vimeo width=”600″ height=”450″]https://vimeo.com/147760504[/vimeo]   Naiku Quick Tip is a weekly blog by Naiku Teacher Support Representative Colin Schild, … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Creating Teacher Teams

In Education today, educators recognize that they must work together to achieve their collective purpose of learning for all. Therefore, many states, school and districts are creating structures to promote a collaborative culture. With Naiku’s “Teams” feature, we try to make this process easier by allowing educators to compare data and assign tasks within a professional learning committee. To create a team for your professional learning committee, start by clicking “Teams” at the top of your Naiku teacher page. Now, select “New Team” and enter the name of your professional … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Transferring Results to Your Gradebook

Did you know that you can transfer your results from Naiku directly into your gradebook? As we all know, entering scores into our online gradebooks can be a bit of a time consuming task. Naiku has streamlined that process by allowing educators to transfer scores directly from Naiku into your gradebook with the simple press of a button. To transfer grades into your gradebook, you first need to make sure that you have downloaded the GradeCam Plugin (this can be downloaded here) and have configured the settings for your gradebook transfer … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Randomizing Items and Answer Choices

Did you know that you can randomize the the order of you test items as well as the answer choices within each item? Randomizing the order of your test items and answer choices can be a great asset to teachers who want to deter cheating while students are testing within Naiku. To randomize your test items and answer choices, from the assessment creation page, find the “Options” menu on the left side of the screen, shown in the screen shot below.  Here, you will find are a number of options … Read More

Spotlight on Waverly-Shell Rock MS

Guest Blog Post by Erika Shanoff, Reading Teacher at Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School At Waverly-Shell Rock Middle School in Waverly, Iowa, we are fortunate to have an abundance of technology in our educational community. Each classroom is outfitted with interactive LCD projectors, Apple TV’s, voice amplification systems, and document cameras. In the fall of 2012, we implemented a 1:1 learning environment using the Apple iPad. Our 1:1 environment and the addition of Naiku formative assessment software is reshaping learning opportunities for students beyond the classroom, in their homes and community. … Read More

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