Engage Students with Better Assessment

Engage Students With Better Assessment

When a student takes an assessment on Naiku, it isn’t just a bubble sheet replacement – students actually engage with Naiku, internalizing the concepts being taught. Through feedback, the testing experience becomes a learning experience.


bigstock-Teacher-Helping-Student-At-Com-3917406Motivate Students

Research backed practices such as Confidence based assessment and Reflection, where students can reflect on their answer choices immediately upon receiving their scores and teacher answer rationale while the information is still fresh, motivate students to take more ownership over their learning.


Truly Gauge Understanding

Eliminate guesswork – teachers can assess student knowledge with a wide variety of automatically scored item types, students can provide written justification/journaling to provide additional support for their answer.


Teacher-Student Feedback

Naiku facilitates continuous, specific, and timely teacher-student feedback. Goal setting, automatic answer rationale, and journaling coupled with standards aligned performance reports enhance teacher-student feedback.


Key Features

  • Wide variety of question item types, including T/F, Multiple Choice, Constructed Response, Matching, Passage w/Sub-Items, and Essay
  • Journaling and answer justification features
  • Confidence based assessment
  • Immediate student feedback with autoscoring and answer rationale
  • Student reflection