Accelerate Learning with Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment, or Assessment FOR Learning, is a research proven instructional strategy. Feedback, not necessarily grading, is paramount. Naiku helps teachers accelerate learning by making the formative assessment process easy, efficient, and effective.
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    Gain instant insight for informed instruction by getting immediate feedback of what your students know, and don’t know, by learning target or standard.

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    Gain a truer picture of student knowledge with a wide variety of item types

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    Conduct real-time polling to check for understanding anytime with Quick Question, our student response system

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    Save time with automatic scoring and instant transfer of grades to your gradebook (for those times when you want to score or grade an assessment)

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    Assess your students anytime and anywhere with our cloud-based solution

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    Optionally scan plain paper bubble sheets with a web or document camera when students don’t have access to a web-enabled device

Key Features

  • Complete test generator using wide variety of question item types, including T/F, Multiple Choice, Constructed Response, Matching, Passage w/Sub-Items, and Essay
  • Autoscoring of all item types except long constructed-response and essay items
  • Wide range of standards-based reports, including: Class Assessment Report, Item Analysis Report, Individual Student Detail Report, Student and Class Longitudinal Reports
  • Measure and track performance state, Common Core, or you own local standards
  • Use textbook publisher questions by importing ExamView, TestGen, XML,and more
  • Use existing tests in generic formats such as Word or PDF with Naiku Quick Key
  • Instant student polling and immediate feedback with Naiku Quick Question
  • In-progress Report allows teachers to see in real-time what students are doing as they take the test
  • Transfer scores to any gradebook

Collaborate with Common Assessment

Don’t live on an island – with Naiku, teacher collaboration is fundamental. Naiku makes it easy to work in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and plan, create, share and discuss assessments and outcomes in a secure, professional environment.
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    Share Assessments Teachers can easily share assessments that they create or import with other teachers from their team, school, district, or Naiku world if they wish. Once shared, teachers can use the test as is, or customize it to meet the needs of their students if they want.

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    Share Items Every time you create and share a test, you can automatically share the individual question items as well. Your school or district can quickly develop an item bank that is aligned to your standards and your curriculum.

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    Import Do you have a common item bank or assessment bank in use by your department? Easily use your item banks purchased through textbook adoptions for quick development of common assessments.

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    Review Common Data Easily generate common assessment reports across classes to view class performance by standard. Add quantitative data to inform your PLC meetings.

  • curriculum-maps

    Curriculum Maps Use included or create and share Curriculum Maps to view and plan for standards based learning with your PLC.

Key Features

  • Create, import, and share School and District wide item banks
  • Share and deliver common assessments with School and District wide assessment banks
  • Create and share Curriculum Maps with your colleagues to view and manage assessments and instructional resources for learning targets
  • Create Teacher Teams to share activities and aggregated results with your colleagues
  • Review and compare common assessment results by standards with your Teacher Teams

Engage Students with Learner Centric Assessment

Naiku is far more than a bubble sheet replacement – students actually engage with Naiku, internalizing the concepts being taught and personalizing their learning. Naiku provides a better assessment experience for both students and teachers.
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    Engage Students Use research proven practices such as confidence based assessment, justification / journaling, and reflection to engage students and motivate them to take more ownership over their learning.

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    Personalize Learning with Adaptive Learning Resources Automatically provide instructional resources adapted individually to students based on performance.

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    Truly Gauge Understanding Eliminate guesswork – teachers can assess student knowledge with a wide variety of automatically scored item types and students can provide written justification to provide additional support for their answer.

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    Teacher-Student Feedback Naiku facilitates continuous, specific, and timely teacher-student feedback. Goal setting, automatic answer rationale, and journaling coupled with standards aligned performance reports enhance teacher-student feedback.

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    Metacognition Help students think about what they know and don’t know – and what they think they know and don’t know.

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    Promote Student Ownership With individual accounts, students can easily review and reflect on their performance, proficiency, resources and more anytime.

Key Features

  • Immediate student feedback with autoscoring and answer rationale
  • Pre-test goal setting and journaling help students internalize learning objectives
  • During-test confidence ratings and justification help students better understand what they know and don’t know
  • Post-test reflection helps students learn and relearn
  • Students can review longitudinal performance and standards proficiency anytime with their own accounts
  • Automatically provided adaptive learning resources personalize student learning

Benchmark Performance with Interim Assessment

With Naiku you can quickly benchmark your student’s knowledge at any time.  Use Naiku to identify students that would benefit from additional support and to track progress. With Naiku, assess students when you need to and obtain instant results.
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    Valid, Standards-based Assessments Use the professionally developed and ready-to-use included assessments for reading and math, or create and share your own. Naiku includes a complete test generator and sharing capability so schools and districts can easily collaborate. Plus, validity statistics provide you confidence for questions that you have generated.

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    Instant Student Performance Data Student performance, by standard, is presented for you immediately.  No waiting for weeks or months for scores to come back to you.  Quickly identify those students that need additional support, or those that could benefit from acceleration.

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    Measure Student Achievement and Growth Readily view student longitudinal information in any subject and grade to measure and track student learning outcomes (SLOs).

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    Benchmark Anytime Benchmark student knowledge when you need to – no need to be constrained by specific testing dates.

Key Features

  • Immediate scoring and standards aligned reporting
  • Track progress with student and class longitudinal reports
  • Measure Student Learning Outcomes
  • Quickly identify remediation groups
  • Complete test generator to develop custom questions aligned to your standards
  • Import existing tests in ExamView, Moodle, TestGen, and other formats
  • Use existing tests in Word or PDF format with QuickKey
  • District wide item and assessment bank (Included in School/District version)
  • Optional standards aligned Item Banks including technology enhanced items