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Coach’s Corner: Student Expectations

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Coach’s Corner. Today we are going to look at student expectations for learning. As teachers, we have heard countless times that we are to have high expectations for students. The idea is simple. If we expect students to perform at a certain level, they will more likely than not meet those expectations. But how do we measure how students understand our expectations? More than that, Hattie (2009, 2012) notes that one of the most important parameters for the influence of student success was … Read More

Accelerate Student Achievement through Student Expectations

Gain Visibility into Student Expectations to Accelerate Student Achievement The number one influencer of student achievement is student expectations (or self-reported grades) as found by Hattie (2012) in Visible Learning. To gain visibility into student expectations, Dr. Nhouyvanisvong proposes a 4-step process for teachers to develop their students metacognitive skills through goal setting, test prediction, confidence ratings, and reflection  Download this white paper by Dr. Adisack Nhouyvanisvong to learn more about how you can gain visibility into your students’ expectations and to guide them reaching those targets: Accelerate Student Achievement Through Student Expectations … Read More

Student Prediction

As teachers, we know that student expectations play an important role in student learning. It is important for students to set appropriately high and challenging goals. And it is our task as teachers to help each and every student meet or exceed those expectations. One quick and effective way for teachers to get a better understanding of what expectations students have set for themselves is to ask them to predict their performance on an assessment. In fact, researchers have found that student expectations (i.e., getting students to self-report or predict … Read More

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