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I am Naiku: Tabitha Savage

Tabitha Savage has 11 years of service to Putnam County Schools. She began as a general education elementary teacher. She current serves as the Math Specialist for the district, serving all K-8 schools. She led the transition and transformation of her district’s benchmark and classroom assessment practice. “With Naiku, we have successfully transitioned our Grade 2-8 benchmark assessments on-line. Teachers and student receive results quickly. Read More

We Are Naiku: Putnam County Schools

Putnam County School System serves over 11,000 students across 18 schools in northern Tennessee. To measure and improve student achievement, the district develops and administers district-wide benchmark assessments in ELA and Mathematics across grades 2 – 8. For the past two years, the district has used Naiku to deliver and score their district benchmark assessments. Their teachers have now started to use Naiku for everyday classroom assessment. This case study provides a look at their successful path to better assessments and better achievement. Read More

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