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I Am Naiku: Stephen Blan

Teacher: Stephen Blan Position: 6th Grade History Teacher Introduction: Stephen Blan is a 6th Grade History teacher at Kerr Middle School near Fort Worth, Texas. The school serves 1,100 students in grades 6-8. He and one of his colleagues were awarded a Naiku Team Teacher Grant this past fall. Below are some of his experiences using Naiku. “Our sixth grade social studies team has used Naiku for this school year. I first heard about Naiku at TCEA, the Texas Computer Educators Conference. I attended a session with them and was … Read More

I Am Naiku – Marcel James

Teacher Name: Marcel James
Position: English Teacher
School: Wallenpauapack High School Read More

I Am Naiku: Karla Sonnenberg

Where I teach: ​Eastview High School, Apple Valley, MN When did you become a teacher and what did you teach: ​1995 ­ German, Social Studies, ACT Prep, Teacher Librarian, Instructional Technology Specialist What does being a teacher mean to you: ​By nature, I am a lifelong learner. I enjoy discovering new bits of information, technologies or skills. I teach because I love to share my knowledge. I don’t teach because it is a skill. I teach because it is how I relate my knowledge to others. It isn’t what I … Read More

I Am Naiku: Beth Allison

When did you become a teacher and what did you teach:  I have been in education for 29 years.  I was a high school math teacher for 22 years, an 8th grade math teacher for 1 year, and for the last 6 years a math instructional coach. What does being a teacher mean to you:  As a classroom teacher it was my job to improve the math skills of students as well as confidence in their math ability, which would serve them the rest of their lives.  As a math instructional coach I … Read More

I am Naiku: Catherine Ford

Name: Catherine Ford What I teach: Regular and Essentials Communications 9, InverPrep (partnership with Inver Hills Community College) Where I teach: Simley High School Why I teach:  I teach because I am passionate about education and working with students as they transition into and out of high school. I want to make a difference in the lives of students. Challenges I face as a teacher: It is challenging to find time to do it all.  We have many demands both in and out of the classroom. Especially after being exposed … Read More

I am Naiku: Susan Semmler

Name: Susan Semmler What I Teach: Information and Technology Integration Specialist (Biology) Where I Teach: Rosemount High School Why I Teach: I teach because I want to help kids discover more about their world. I love learning and hope to help students find their own passions. Challenges I Face as a Teacher: The biggest challenge is to make meaningful connections with students in these fast pace information-packed, and highly-populated classrooms. Role that technology plays in my teaching: Technology has allowed me to help students, without the loudest voices, make an … Read More

I am Naiku: Jacqueline Leiker

Name: Jacqueline Leiker Where I Teach: Norway High School, Norway, MI How Long I’ve Taught: I have taught for twenty-two years. Within those years I have taught numerous courses including mathematics, computer technology, computer programming and business. I currently teach technology and digital citizenship to students who range from seniors at Norway High School all the way down to Early Kindergarten at Norway Elementary School. I also teach graduate courses and PD to teachers. Why I Feel Integrating Naiku is a Step Toward Revolutionizing Education: The addition of Naiku in … Read More

I am Naiku: Katharine Mulfinger

My Name: Katharine Mulfinger Where I Teach: Bettendorf High School, Bettendorf, IA What I Teach: Teacher Librarian How Long I’ve Taught: This is my first year as teacher librarian. For the last six years, I taught 8th grade language arts. What I do as Teacher Librarian: Along with selecting materials for the library and promoting library services, the library is the go-to place for technology questions. I work with teachers and students, helping troubleshoot technology issues. Challenges I Face as a Teacher Librarian: We are a 1:1 iPad high school, and many of … Read More

I am Naiku: Scott Dobel

Do you teach carpentry? Perhaps cabinet making? Or CAD? Or another industrial tech classes? In this week’s “I am Naiku” profile, Scott Dobel from Central Springs High School in Manly, IA shares how he has begun to use Naiku in his Industrial Tech classes. The challenges he’s faced when giving tests are unlike what all teachers face. See how’s overcome those challenges with Naiku.   My Name: Scott Dobel   What I Teach: I teach High School Industrial Technology. I teach courses in carpentry, cabinet making, CAD, and industrial technology. … Read More

I am Naiku: Barb Schellinger

In this week’s “I am Naiku” profile, Barb Schellinger from Forest Lake High School shares how she uses Naiku in her Family and Consumer Sciences classes.   My Name: Bar Schellinger   Why I teach: After working 20 years in the business world, I followed my dream of being a teacher.   What I teach: Family and Consumer Sciences   How long I’ve taught: 14 years   Challenges I Face When Giving Tests: Wishing everyone was in attendance the day before during the review.   How I Gave Tests Before Naiku: Predominately computer … Read More

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