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I am Naiku: Scott Dobel

Do you teach carpentry? Perhaps cabinet making? Or CAD? Or another industrial tech classes? In this week’s “I am Naiku” profile, Scott Dobel from Central Springs High School in Manly, IA shares how he has begun to use Naiku in his Industrial Tech classes. The challenges he’s faced when giving tests are unlike what all teachers face. See how’s overcome those challenges with Naiku.   My Name: Scott Dobel   What I Teach: I teach High School Industrial Technology. I teach courses in carpentry, cabinet making, CAD, and industrial technology. … Read More

I am Naiku: Barb Schellinger

In this week’s “I am Naiku” profile, Barb Schellinger from Forest Lake High School shares how she uses Naiku in her Family and Consumer Sciences classes.   My Name: Bar Schellinger   Why I teach: After working 20 years in the business world, I followed my dream of being a teacher.   What I teach: Family and Consumer Sciences   How long I’ve taught: 14 years   Challenges I Face When Giving Tests: Wishing everyone was in attendance the day before during the review.   How I Gave Tests Before Naiku: Predominately computer … Read More

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