Inform Instruction

Gain insight into student proficiency through autoscoring and reporting of any test for informed and differentiated instruction. Automatically track and view progress through student and class longitudinal reports. Visualize student thinking with unique student engagement tools.
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    Instant Student Performance Data Student and class performance is provided immediately in live standards-based reports.

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    Measure Student Achievement and Growth Readily view student and class longitudinal information to see progress by standard.

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    Engage Students with research proven practices such as confidence based assessment, justification / journaling, and reflection to help students take more ownership over their learning.

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    Conduct real-time polling to check for understanding anytime with Quick Question, our student response system

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    Personalize Learning with Adaptive Learning Resources Automatically provide instructional resources adapted individually to students based on performance.

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    Teacher-Student Feedback Naiku facilitates continuous, specific, and timely teacher-student feedback. Goal setting, automatic answer rationale, and journaling coupled with standards aligned performance reports enhance teacher-student feedback.

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    Metacognition Help students think about what they know and don't know - and what they think they know and don't know.

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    Promote Student Ownership With individual accounts, students can easily review and reflect on their performance, proficiency, resources and more anytime.

Key Features

  • Quickly identify student and class proficiency in any subject with automatic, live, standards aligned reports
  • Track progress with student and class longitudinal reports
  • View in-progress reports in real-time during the test
  • Visualize student thinking by engaging students with pre-test goal setting, in-test journaling/justification, and post-test reflection
  • Automatic rollup reporting to view student proficiency at the school and district level
  • Students can review longitudinal performance and standards proficiency anytime with their own accounts
  • Automatically provided adaptive learning resources personalize student learning
  • Instant student polling and immediate feedback with Naiku Quick Question
  • Transfer scores to any gradebook

"Naiku has been a great tool for us - the immediate, detailed, and intuitive reports on student proficiency help inform instruction, aid our PLCs, and enhance student achievement."
Jimmy Casas, Principal, Bettendorf High School
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