I Am Naiku – Marcel James

Teacher Name: Marcel James
Position: English Teacher

School: Wallenpauapack High School

Introduction: Wallenpaupack Area High School is a recipient of a 2015 Naiku Team Teacher Grant. Currently, one academic team of eight teachers are using Naiku to support teacher initiatives for improved student performance.

How have you been using Naiku:

“I have been using Naiku for all my quizzes, tests and keystone prep practice. It’s also a great way to give a class survey. Recently, I found out that I can embed a video into the question stem which is a great feature I plan on utilizing. I have also used the quick question feature which engages all the students.”

What have been the benefits of using Naiku:

“Although I am fairly new to Naiku, I am thoroughly impressed with its multitude of capabilities. In my opinion, the most valuable feature is that students receive instant feedback on their assessments. Often a student will take a test and won’t receive feedback until days later. By then, their mind has moved on. They look at their grade, ask what their friends got and quickly glance over a few question they got wrong. Using Naiku allows for feedback to be delivered within the crucial window of opportunity. Students can instantly see what they got wrong and see the correct answers. Furthermore, I can sit down with a student and we can go over their test and I can clarify their thinking and understanding.”

“Another great feature is the item analysis. I can see how the class did as a whole on the assessment as well as how they did on each question. This allows me to know what concepts need to be revisited and practiced. In the past, after grading all the tests I would have a general idea of what item were problematic. With Naiku, I know instantly and precisely how my students did on each question.”

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