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When you use Naiku in the classroom, it enables teachers see the “whole student,” and engage them in their lessons.

Teachers use this data to differentiate instruction and collaborate on best practices with other teachers. Common and shared assessments reduce teacher workload and provide classroom and school-level views of student performance.



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– Teachers know more about each individual student and their understanding of key concepts. With this information, differentiated instruction can be a reality.
– With automated scoring and built-in reports, it is easy for educators to deliver quizzes on an “as needed” basis, and instantly identify knowledge gaps.
– Unlike other assessment software, Naiku engages students by prompting them to “reflect” about why questions were answered incorrectly. Students love having this voice, and willingly take more ownership over their own learning. – campus and district administrators can readily view and compare aggregate student performance by standard across classrooms – providing the insight needed on a regular basis to see how students are performing and to increase collaboration.
– Common Assessments can be administered at the classroom, school or district level to gain a better understanding of curriculum effectivness.

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