Boost your 1:1 Project

Naiku works across devices and platforms

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Naiku’s open platform assures that students can engage using virtually any web enabled device, allowing for a blended-use model of different devices in the classroom.

Laptops, desktops, iPads, smartphones, and netbooks all work with Naiku.The user interface is clean, straightforward, and easy for primary and secondary students to use. Plus, Naiku automatically detects smartphone use and presents a mobile optimized student interface.

Naiku relieves you of your need to support clickers

Naiku’s open platform assures that students engage with virtually any web enabled device. This eliminates the need for proprietary, single-function student response systems and immediately returns results.

Whether your district is considering an iPad, BYOD, or 1:1 laptop adoption, or simply using existing computer labs, Naiku can be used to increase student engagement and teacher knowledge.

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