With Naiku you can quickly benchmark your student’s knowledge at any time.  Use Naiku to identify students that would benefit from additional support and to track progress. With Naiku, assess students when you need to, and obtain instant results.


Benchmark Anytime

Benchmark student knowledge when you need to – no need to be constrained by specific testing dates.


Instant Student Performance Data

Student performance, by standard, is presented for you immediately.  No waiting for weeks or months for scores to come back to you.  Quickly identify those students that need additional support, or those that could benefit from acceleration.


Valid, Standards-based Assessments

Use the professionally developed and ready-to-use included assessments for reading and math, or create and share your own. Naiku includes a complete test generator and sharing capability so schools and districts can easily collaborate. Plus, validity statistics provide you confidence for questions that you have generated.


Key Features




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