Benchmark Now! gives teachers access to a wide range of student and classroom performance insights.  Our intuitive, easily-accessible reports immediately communicate student understanding of the Common Core State Standards.



Built-in Reports are immediately available illustrating class and student performance by standard. There is no need to export data to a spreadsheet and manipulate for analysis to understand how your students performed.  Available reports include:

Student Assessment Report

Student Longitudinal Report

Class Assessment Report

Item Analysis Report

Class Performance (Longitudinal) Report



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Reports Update

We’re passionate about providing educators with accurate and actionable results.  Today’s assessment results only tell a small part of the story.  A simple “percent correct” score does not help teachers or administrators inform instruction or make decisions.  Naiku enables you to know your classroom and know your school.

By leveraging technology, the Naiku Platform provides teachers with simple, easy-to-use, extensive analysis of each assessment.  This analysis delivers important insights about the classroom and each individual student’s understanding of the assessed concepts.  Armed with this information the teacher can effectively help all students achieve at higher levels.

Know your Classroom

Use Naiku to uncover the answers to these questions and many more:

For example:
Two students take the same assessment and receive the same score: 70% correct.  Upon further analysis, however, it is clear that one student struggled with concept A, while another struggled with concept B.  Or, while looking at an item analysis of an assessment you might learn that only 40% of the class is proficient at questions that are aligned to a specific state standard.

Knowing a student’s overall score is not enough; understanding and being able to address individual learning needs is the key to success.  Unfortunately, without timely, clear, and concise data analysis it is difficult for both teachers and students to improve.  Naiku readily delivers excellent analysis and feedback that greatly impacts achievement.

Here’s an example of a report that helps teachers know their classroom. This classroom report shows how the whole class performed on the test. It also shows how each student performed. The results for the class are also disaggregated by state standards. This report illustrates one way of how Naiku gives actionable information to help teachers help their students.

Know your School



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