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Importance of Summative Assessment

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Naiku’s Coach’s Corner This week, I want to further discuss assessment, specifically summative assessment. The primary goal of  a summative assessment is to help us measure a student’s achievement at the end of a dedicated instructional period. For example, we aim to evaluate student learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the conclusion of a chapter, unit, etc. In most cases, summative assessment results are recorded as scores or grades that are then factored into our students’ academic record. Below, I discuss 2 other … Read More

Reliability Concerns for Classroom Summative Assessment

As Jim Popham has so eloquently stated, “Validity and reliability are the meat and potatoes of the measurement game” (Popham, 2006, p. 100). They are what every psychometrician AND teacher need to know and understand. When psychometricians build large scale tests for state departments of education, there’s a list of validity and reliability concerns that they need to address. What about when teachers build tests for the classroom? Should they be concerned about the same validity and reliability issues? Or are the concerns different for classroom assessment? Let’s address reliability concerns … Read More

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