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Naiku Quick Tip: Setting Up Standards-Based Grading

Aligning test questions with standards can be a great tool in understanding what students are truly learning. When standards are aligned to you test questions, Naiku provides valuable reports to help guide educators to the next step in their teaching and student learning process. To add standards to your test questions, either create the question or go to the editor of an already created question. To align this question with a particular standard, click the ‘edit’ button in the settings box on the left hand side of the screen (shown … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Search by Key Words and Standards

One of my Education Professor’s in college told me that the best teachers are the best thieves. What he meant was we as teachers need to save our precious time and find and reuse other teacher’s materials instead of creating our own. So whether you are a Naiku pro or brand new, one of the most time saving options when creating a new assessment is to search for existing questions to populate your assessment. In the assessment creation window (Assessments -> Create -> New Assessment), on the right side of … Read More

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