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Meaningful Reflection

Many Naikus (teachers) are familiar with the MindShift blog. If you’re not, get familiar with it. There are always great articles there to help teachers be better teachers.iconhead A recent article that caught my eye was “What Meaningful Reflection Student Work Can Do for Learning“, an excerpt from a book by Larissa Pahomov, an English and Journalism teacher in Philadelphia. In this article, Larissa describes three characteristics of meaningful reflection (Metacognitive, Applicable, and Shared) and how they improve student learning. Read More

Professional Responsibilities when Scoring Assessments

The topic in my class this week is Professional Responsibilities and Assessment Bias. To prepare my class lecture and activities for the week, I’m reviewing the Codes of Fair Testing Practices, Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement (CPR), and The Standards for Psychological and Educational Testing. There’s so much here. Educational measurement professionals and teachers have so much responsibility to ensure that the assessments are absent of bias, the results are reliable, and the uses, inferences, and interpretations of the assessment results are valid. I don’t want to overwhelm the students with all these codes … Read More

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