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Naiku Quick Tip: Scoring Performance Assessments

Did you know that you can score performance assessments in Naiku?    Quick Tip: Students don’t actually have to take a test in Naiku to receive scores in Naiku. For example, if you’re teaching first-grade students to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s, you can give them a performance assessment (i.e., actually ask them to count for you) and then score their performance in Naiku. See the example below.   1. Create your test in Naiku. Here, I have a three-question test. All questions have been aligned to MN state math … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Copying Equations from MathType

Did you know that you can copy and paste math equations directly from MathType?    Quick Tip: If you have the latest version of MathType (version 6.9), you can copy and paste MathType equations directly into Naiku. Select Cut and Copy Preferences under the Preference menu. The select Naiku under Equation for application or website. Create you equation in MathType. Copy it. Then in Naiku, paste it directly into the stem or answer choices. Note that you will see some markup computer code. Don’t worry. Just save your test and the … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Creating Tests

Did you know that you can create a new test from an existing test?    Quick Tip: Often, it’s useful to build a new test from an existing one. Perhaps you want to add or remove questions from an old test. To create a new test from an existing test, simply “Re-assign” the existing test to a new class. From the test creation screen, not only can you change the title and other features of the test, you can add or remove questions from the test. To add questions, simply create … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Item Analysis Report

Did you know that you automatically get an item analysis report for each test?   Quick Tip: After you “Close and Score” a test, an Item Analysis report is automatically created for you. This allows you to see how your students as a class responded to each question. You see how hard or easy the question was for them. You see who and how many students selected each of the answer responses. You also get an indication of the quality of each question. You get all this by state or national … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Scoring CR and Essay Items

Did you know that you can score/grade constructed-response and essay questions before closing the test?   Quick Tip: When you have a mix of item types (MC, CR, Essay) on your test, you can start to score those extended response CR or Essay items before closing the test. As each student finishes his or her test, you can grade those items immediately for that student. Go to the Progress view page (Click on Progress). For students who have finished the test, click on Edit. This allows you to score the CR and … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Importing ExamView Questions and Tests

Did you know that you can import ExamView tests or the entire item bank into Naiku?    Quick Tip: To use questions from ExamView in Naiku, you can import the ExamView tests that you have already created or you can import the entire item bank into Naiku so that you can create the exams in Naiku. See this blog post on how to import ExamView tests into Naiku. If you would like the entire item bank imported into Naiku, please contact us. We can help you with that.

Naiku Quick Tip: Re-Open a Test

Did you know that you can re-open a test after you’ve closed and scored it?    Quick Tip: After you Close and Score a test, you get those nice Class Results and Item Results reports. This also prevents students who didn’t take the test from taking it later. Well, this isn’t so great if you had students who were absent during test day. To allow those absent students to take the test when they come back to school, simply Re-open the test. This will allow these students to take the test. Don’t … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Preview a Test

Did you know that you can preview how a test will look for a student?   Quick Tip: After you create a test, it is often useful to see how it will look to students when they take it. You can do this by selecting Preview under Actions. This shows  you how the test will look to students as they take it. It’s important to see this preview when you have many items with images and graphics. You’ll want to see  how visible the images and graphics are to the students. Make … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Archiving a Class

Did you know that you can also restrict student access to test questions by archiving a class?   Quick Tip: Archive a class at the end of the semester or year to restrict student access to your test questions. When you archive a class, that class will no longer be shown in your class list. It also will not be shown in the class list for students. This means students will no longer have access to those test results and those test questions. This is good practice because you don’t … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Restrict Student Access to Questions

Did you know that you can easily restrict student access to the test questions after they complete the test?   There are multiple ways to do this in Naiku. But the quickest way is to select “Restrict Student Access” under the Actions menu. This will prevent students from going into the test to see the test questions. You may want to do this if you don’t want students to share test questions with students from another class whom have yet to take the test.

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