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Viewing PDF and Word Tests in Naiku

We’ve heard from many teachers expressing their desire to allow students to see the test questions in Naiku when they upload their PDF or Word test to a Quick Key assessment.   We’re happy to report that now you can. When you upload a PDF or Word file of your test to your Quick Key assessment, you will now have the option to display that PDF or Word document directly to students in Naiku.   Read this support article to find more about this new feature and for a step-by-step … Read More

Naiku Quick Key

We’ve heard from many Naiku users who’ve said something along these lines: “I already have my test created in Word. Can I use that test in Naiku?” “I’ve got my tests saved as PDF files. Can I import those into Naiku?”   The answer use to be “No, you can’t import each of those questions into Naiku. You can copy and paste them in item by item”.   Now, the answer is “Yes! You can import that Word or PDF file into Naiku.”   Introducing Quick Key™ If you already … Read More

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