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Quick Tip: Sorting Questions

The following questions are very similar, yet one provides a much richer assessment question: T/F: Germany was a part of the Allies during WWII. Sort the following countries by their allegiance during WWII. Sorting is a skill that demands a higher order meta-cognitive response than a true/false or multiple choice question and also allows for more connections to be made increasing long-term learning. Naiku allows teachers to create this question type through it’s ordered item type. From a new assessment screen. Create a new ordered item type. To change the … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Constructing Better Constructed Response Items

As a middle school math teacher, my go-to assessment item type was constructed response. I loved the item for its ability to be created quickly compared to thinking through multiple-choice answers and the freedom it gave me to get a better understanding of student learning and misconceptions. There are a few ways to customize the constructed-response item type in Naiku to make this item even more helpful. I’ll show three examples to demonstrate some of the ways you can upgrade your constructed-response items. BASIC QUESTION The first example (above) is the run-of-the-mill … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Transferring Results to Your Gradebook

Did you know that you can transfer your results from Naiku directly into your gradebook? As we all know, entering scores into our online gradebooks can be a bit of a time consuming task. Naiku has streamlined that process by allowing educators to transfer scores directly from Naiku into your gradebook with the simple press of a button. To transfer grades into your gradebook, you first need to make sure that you have downloaded the GradeCam Plugin (this can be downloaded here) and have configured the settings for your gradebook transfer … Read More

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