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New Item Types

In 2015, we will be adding more item types to Naiku. I’m happy to announce today that we have added the Multiple Yes/No and the Multiple Response item types.

A Multiple Yes/No item is one that presents a cluster of items to students. Typically, the items are related to an initial statement or set of statements. This item type is also known as the multiple binary-choice item. Essentially, you can use any binary choice such as yes/no, true/false, correct/incorrect, etc. This item type requires the student to choose a response for each statement in the cluster.

A Multiple Response item is one that allows students to select more than one answer. You should already be familiar with this item type as you were able to create this before in Naiku by creating a multiple choice item and selecting more than one option as the answer.
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Scoring of Multiple Response Items

Over the past weeks, several teachers have written to me asking for clarification on how multiple response items are scored in Naiku. ¬†   Multiple response items are basically multiple choice items where two or more of the response alternatives are correct. ¬†Students are directed to identify all the correct answers.   Scoring of multiple response items can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Read this support article on how multiple response items can be scored and how Naiku has chosen to score this item type.   For … Read More

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