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Don’t Forget the Students

Teachers and readers of this blog are well aware of the power of formative assessment. As Black and Wiliam have summarized, formative assessment is one of the most effective instructional strategies ever. Popham (2009) provides this clear and concise definition of formative assessment: “Formative assessment is not a test. Rather, it is an ongoing process in which teachers use test-elicited evidence to adjust their instruction or students use it to adjust their learning tactics.” I like this definition of formative assessment because it reminds us that for formative assessment to … Read More

Student Reflection: “It’s like a game”

I’ve written about the importance and benefits of student reflection in the testing/learning process before. Reflection is a great way to engage students in metacognition. But basically, it’s a fun way for students to give feedback to their teachers. At least, that’s what third graders tell me. Recently, I had the opportunity to observe third graders take their first test on the Naiku system. Taking tests on computers was not new to these students. So, they went about it in their usual fashion. They worked diligently and tried their best, as … Read More

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