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Naiku Quick Tip: Transferring Results to Your Gradebook

Did you know that you can transfer your results from Naiku directly into your gradebook? As we all know, entering scores into our online gradebooks can be a bit of a time consuming task. Naiku has streamlined that process by allowing educators to transfer scores directly from Naiku into your gradebook with the simple press of a button. To transfer grades into your gradebook, you first need to make sure that you have downloaded the GradeCam Plugin (this can be downloaded here) and have configured the settings for your gradebook transfer … Read More

Standards-Based Scoring and Reporting

If you’re a Naiku user, you already know that you can do standards-based scoring with Naiku. When you align your test questions to national, state, or local standards (or learning targets), you know that your students’ results are scored by those standards. For each student, you can track and monitor their proficiency status by standard. Students are automatically grouped into one of three proficiency levels (Not Proficient, Approaching Proficient, and Proficient) based on cutscores that you set. Below is a Class Performance report where you can see your students’ scores by standard.   But did you … Read More

Transferring Percentages into Your Gradebook

One of the most popular features in Naiku is the ability for teachers to transfer test scores into any gradebook. With the press of one key, teachers can transfer scores for all students into their gradebook. This is a huge time savings from having to manually enter scores for each individual student.   Recently, we’ve received requests for the ability to transfer percentages rather than raw scores into the gradebook. For certain gradebooks, it is best or preferred that the scores be entered as percentages rather than raw points.   … Read More

Transferring Scores into Your Gradebook

Now, with one button, you can transfer test scores from Naiku directly into your gradebook. (First make sure you’ve already installed the GradeCam plugin. For instructions on how to install the plugin, read this blog post. Not that you do not need to have a webcam or document camera for this to work. Just install the plugin.)   When you’re ready to transfer scores into your gradebook, go to the Class Results page in Naiku for the test that you want to transfer the scores. Part of this page is shown … Read More

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