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Naiku Quick Tip: Leaving Student Feedback

Did you know that you can leave students feedback for each of your assessments? Quick Tip: Teacher feedback is an extremely valuable learning tool for students. For each assessment, make it a habit to provide meaningful feedback to your students. When students read your feedback, they have the option to respond to it and give you feedback. This is a great way for you to engage with students and build that vital teacher-student relationship. In order for feedback to be meaningful, it is important to provide a clear and understandable … Read More

How Students Learn

To Improve Student Learning, We Must Understand How Students Learn. In the wilderness of educational practices, programs, and interventions, ranging from charter schools, to phonics instruction, to peer instruction, one practice has been shown, time and time again, to greatly improve student learning: feedback. It is one the most researched and documented ways of how students learn. In this white paper, we review the educational research literature about how students learn through feedback and how educational assessment technology can be an effective tool for teachers to improve feedback and consequently … Read More

Professional Responsibilities when Scoring Assessments

The topic in my class this week is Professional Responsibilities and Assessment Bias. To prepare my class lecture and activities for the week, I’m reviewing the Codes of Fair Testing Practices, Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement (CPR), and The Standards for Psychological and Educational Testing. There’s so much here. Educational measurement professionals and teachers have so much responsibility to ensure that the assessments are absent of bias, the results are reliable, and the uses, inferences, and interpretations of the assessment results are valid. I don’t want to overwhelm the students with all these codes … Read More

Should Formative Assessments be Scored and Graded?

Scoring Formative Assessments Often, when I do trainings or demonstrations on how to use the Naiku Platform for formative assessment purposes, I am asked how the assessments are scored and exported to grade books. Essentially, the question boils down to “Should formative assessments be scored and graded?“ This is a good question. However, I am hesitant to answer the question right away. Rather, I often answer the question with another question: “What feedback are you trying to give to your students and yourself when you grade that assessment?” To me, … Read More

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