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Naiku Quick Tip: Importing ExamView Questions and Tests

Did you know that you can import ExamView tests or the entire item bank into Naiku?    Quick Tip: To use questions from ExamView in Naiku, you can import the ExamView tests that you have already created or you can import the entire item bank into Naiku so that you can create the exams in Naiku. See this blog post on how to import ExamView tests into Naiku. If you would like the entire item bank imported into Naiku, please contact us. We can help you with that.

Importing Examview Tests into Naiku

As an alternative to creating an assessment in Naiku, you can import an existing assessment. If you’ve already built your test in Examview, you can import that test into Naiku. Export to Blackboard Format First, export your test out of Examview into a Blackboard file format. Go to File, select Export, and choose Blackboard 7.1-9.0… Choose a filename for the test you are exporting. This will be exported as a .zip file.  Below, I’ve given the filename “Quiz 1” and have chosen to save it to my Desktop. On the next screen, … Read More

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