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A Balanced Assessment System

Creating, Implementing, and Sustaining Effective Assessment Practices As a society, we’ve shifted the thinking about schools from places where it’s OK for some students to succeed and some to fail to places where the expectation is for all students to succeed. With this shift, the role of assessment has changed from separating successful and unsuccessful students to becoming a set of educational practices that support the learning of all students (Stiggins, 2008). What are these assessment practices and how can they be used to most effectively support learning? In the broadest sense, … Read More

Reliability Concerns for Classroom Formative Assessment

This week, I started teaching a course called Assessment: Theory and Practice to graduate students in the Leadership program at Saint Mary’s University. More than 70% of the students in the class are K-12 teachers. In a course like this, reliability and validity are of course big topics. In fact, next week’s class (5 hours of class time) will be spent on these two topics. So, I guess it’s the right time to return to these topics on this blog. My last blog post on this topic was on May … Read More

The Achievement Gap: Part 2

Part 2 in the series on the Achievement Gap by guest blogger Takeshi Terada ( In Part 1 of this series on the Achievement Gap, I described how closing the achievement gap may not necessarily mean that children’s academic performances are getting closer to each other. This is because the achievement gap is defined and measured as the difference between the percentages of students being proficient for each group, not the difference in academic performance. Why do we permit such misleading results? Under NCLB, states are allowed to set their … Read More

Reliability Concerns for Classroom Summative Assessment

As Jim Popham has so eloquently stated, “Validity and reliability are the meat and potatoes of the measurement game” (Popham, 2006, p. 100). They are what every psychometrician AND teacher need to know and understand. When psychometricians build large scale tests for state departments of education, there’s a list of validity and reliability concerns that they need to address. What about when teachers build tests for the classroom? Should they be concerned about the same validity and reliability issues? Or are the concerns different for classroom assessment? Let’s address reliability concerns … Read More

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