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The Achievement Gap: Part 2

Part 2 in the series on the Achievement Gap by guest blogger Takeshi Terada ( In Part 1 of this series on the Achievement Gap, I described how closing the achievement gap may not necessarily mean that children’s academic performances are getting closer to each other. This is because the achievement gap is defined and measured as the difference between the percentages of students being proficient for each group, not the difference in academic performance. Why do we permit such misleading results? Under NCLB, states are allowed to set their … Read More

The Achievement Gap (or Proficiency Trap?): Part 1

This is a guest blog from Takeshi Terada. Takeshi’s interests are in educational policy and assessment. He is particularly interested in data-driven educational evaluation, policy-making & analysis, and decision-making systems in K-12 education that apply both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, mostly using assessment test scores. Takeshi is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and can be reached at Key Challenge in K-12 Education The achievement gap remains one of the key challenges in U.S. education. Ever since the passage of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, most … Read More

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