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Quick Tip: Requiring Access Codes

One question we have had from teachers revolves around the idea of making a test more secure so that students are not able to take tests from home if they are absent or see a test before or after a class period if the test is still open. To help with this, Naiku has created an feature that require students to enter a code before they can take the test. To activate requiring an access code for testing, go to the main (master) test and edit it. Click on Actions and choose … Read More

Naiku Quick Tip: Using An Access Code To Take An Assessment

Did you know that students can login to an assessment using an access code? At times it can be difficult for students to remember login information, especially those young elementary students. This can be a bit of a distraction when it’s time to take an assessment using Naiku. Fortunately, Naiku allows students to access an assessment using a unique “Access Code” for that particular test. First, assign the assessment to the class that you would like to take the assessment. Once the assessment is assigned to the class, the teacher will … Read More

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