Quick Tip: Sorting Questions

The following questions are very similar, yet one provides a much richer assessment question:

T/F: Germany was a part of the Allies during WWII.

Sort the following countries by their allegiance during WWII.

Sorting is a skill that demands a higher order meta-cognitive response than a true/false or multiple choice question and also allows for more connections to be made increasing long-term learning. Naiku allows teachers to create this question type through it’s ordered item type. From a new assessment screen. Create a new ordered item type.

Sorting 1

To change the ordered item type to a sorting item type, add a new column to the question.

Sorting 2

Then, fill in your question and sorted answers as well as the headers for each column so students know what to sort to each column. For my question on Axis and Ally countries, I have turned off the enforcement of order. Remember, Naiku will automatically randomize the question items.


Sorting 3


Here is what the final result will look like:

Sorting 4

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Colin SchildNaiku Quick Tip is a weekly blog by Naiku Teacher Support Representative Colin Schild, who taught mathematics for grades 5-8 for the past four years. Colin now works to help teachers create more effective and efficient classroom assessment practices. You can reach him at colins@naiku.net or at support@naiku.net.


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